Adobe Acrobat, user-hostile processes 

So as a grad student my committee and I all need to sign a progress report every 12 months. The problem is that it is a PDF form, and while the free-as-in-beer Acrobat Reader theoretically works if all of the boxes are checked off and all the text is filled out before everyone digitally signs off in sequence, inevitably someone signs it by editing the PDF to include an image and that breaks all the fillable fields. 1/2

Adobe Acrobat, user-hostile processes 

So now I've signed up for an Acrobat Pro DC trial account and downloaded the whole damned Creative Cloud to try and fix the fillable fields so that I can check off the required boxes and add my own digital signature.

And it doesn't work. Won't let me edit the document because there are already digital signatures on it (makes sense but now I have to ask the committee to start over?)

I mean, can't this be a simple web app using university authentication?

Adobe Acrobat, user-hostile processes 

@dbs isn't this what docusign does? Docusign is embedded in our hiring SaaS (greenhouse) for offer letters.

And pretty sure it's in our contracts management SaaS (coupa).

Sigh, SaaS....


Adobe Acrobat, user-hostile processes 

@Greg Yeah, I've used Docusign for other processes and it has worked. Just for signing though; I don't know if it gives you the option of also checking things off & adding text.

In the past you could print & have everyone sign the form with ink, but in the era of COVID-19 I imagine there is a lot of frustration given that the digital process at my (very large) university is mandatory for every graduate student.

Adobe Acrobat, user-hostile processes 

@dbs I'm trying to remember from my house buying days (aka: back in Sept) if that was possible and I'm not sure if adding new text is allowed in docusign. But that process was very: "here, ack you received this", "here, send this back", etc

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