Academic journal web design fail 

Academic journal web design fail 

@ksteimel I predict you will love Montréal. You're arriving at a great time to experience the city! I've been here for eight months and am on my way back to pack up and move back home this week.

It will be great to be with my family again but I will miss the city...

FOSS bro mention 

I was about to recommend as a data repository then discovered it has been down for over three hours. .

:zotero: :BlobCatKnife: 

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my university counselor asked me for recommendations for trans literature to put in the counseling library

do you know any really good books about gender? please let me know!


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Journals gripe 

Archiving conference programs 

@Petzlux Unfortunately there's also plenty of garbage to be found behind paywalls. A paywall is not a good proxy for authority or legitimacy.

Academic writing: word counts 

Academic writing: word counts 

Academic writing 

Rapid decay of the academic web 

FOSS grumble 

Rapid decay of the academic web 

Tech company mention 

Interlibrary loan hijinks 

@acka47 Hey thanks for the interest! NA PhD programs (generally) require a year of coursework, then comprehensive exams on your subject area, then a concrete research proposal before launching into real research. I'm just wrapping up the coursework portion.

Long way of saying: my objective is to develop methods for assessing the quality of linked bibliographic data (specifically BIBFRAME)… but that could change :)

Tech and word processing in academia 

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