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"Qualitative tools that have been demonstrated reliable and applicable in several domains are Likert Scale surveys, that […]" - from a 2008 paper

No, no, please stop!

Plea to authors on titles for conf papers vs. articles 

Please don't give the exact same title to your conference paper and journal article.

It can be a little hellish to track down the correct content, and if things get difficult for a researcher, they just might decide to skip over that resource.

(says person who just placed an ILL request for the article and fully expects to get the conf paper...)

Use of MARQUEE tag 

Hello, computer science journal homepage straight out of the 90's (but issue 1 in 2005 and still publishing in 2019):

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Tech and word processing in academia 

I hardly ever see people making actual use of word processor styles in academia, is this just a Korean legal studies thing? (I really hope engineering and the sciences are better at this.) You save yourself soooo much work by taking a few minutes to set things up on a stylesheet, why do people insist on putting themselves through the misery of manually formatting everything and foregoing the benefit of automatic numbering, auto-generated TOC and more?

Good fortune ($) 

Just found out that an international conference at which I co-led an all-day workshop is reimbursing my travel expenses!

Indigenous ally-ship, step one 

I used 30 seconds of my allotted 15 minutes to acknowledge that McGill is situated on the traditional meeting grounds of the Haudenosaunee and Anishnabeg nations.

We had four speakers and more attendees than usual for today's seminar so it really needed doing.

Presentation success (patting self on back) 

Well I gave a 15 minute presentation summarizing the synthesis of my reading course, including gaps I had identified and NOBODY LAUGHED AT MY BABY STEPS.

Even got to answer one of the audience questions with a "well thank you for asking, I just happen to have a Proposals slide in my appendices!" ta-da moment.

It's weird, I've given a ton of presentations before, but this one really stressed me out.Onwards!

#FocusTime - presentation prep 

I'm going to borrow from @artsyhonker and try today: 10 minutes of check-in/planning, followed by 50 minutes of work. Kind of a modified Pomodoro technique.

Starting... now.

Grad school triumphs 

Prof, reviewing the research proposal I submitted as the final assignment for our research design class (iteration #3 for this term), stated that he thought it would probably pass an actual thesis proposal.

That event is still way off in the future but holy heck I needed that validation.

Stay in your lane, self 

"Oh but what about incorporating knowledge graphs into technical documentation to support both discovery and writing?"

No. ssssssshhhhhh

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Stay in your lane, self 

No, self. You can't cover all topics of interest such as quality assessments of linked bibliographic data, intersections of bibliographic data and knowledge graphs, and expressing culturally diverse perspectives w/ TK labels through linked data.

Not if you're going to a) get a research proposal accepted and b) follow through on that proposal to c) successfully defend a thesis.

At least before the heat-death of the universe.

Microsoft Word Online 

So I clicked "Send feedback" -> "About something I do not like" and wrote:

Word Online seems to be incredibly glitchy just entering text using Firefox on Linux: [summary of bad stuff]. Basically it makes me never want to use Word Online for word processing. These things never happen in Google Docs.

Included a screen shot. Hope they can figure something out.

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Microsoft Word Online 

This time I added a row to a table, tried to copy an existing row into the new row (to maintain formatting), but things got glitchy. So I hit CTRL-Z and it undid the addition of two rows (!), and then I hit CTRL-Y and it crashed.

WTF Microsoft?!

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Microsoft Word Online 

Well, after a little more editing (this time picky little text and formatting edits in a table), Word threw up an error dialogue that (not kidding) said "Word Online encountered an error and needs to restart".


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Microsoft Word Online 

Looks like my solution will be to write the actual text in VIm and then paste it into Word Online. And hope that *that* works.

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Microsoft Word Online 

I have to edit a Word document. It has embedded Zotero fields, so I can't just flip it to LibreOffice and then back to Word.

"Aha," said the plucky grad student to himself, "a perfect reason to use Word Online!"

And it works great in Firefox on Linux. Except for the actual editing... it insists on inserting two spaces every time I tap the spacebar. I even switched keyboards. Nope.

And it messes words up unpredictably, too.


Linked data for relational minds

I gave a guest lecture today introducing linked data to a database class. It was fun mapping some of the concepts from relational databases to linked data.

Hopefully my own (long) journey towards understanding linked data helps accelerate theirs!

Good Qs from the audience, too! E.g. on cultures that do not embrace rigid hierarchical structures in their worldviews.

Oh yeah slides are at

Scholarly standards vs. professional standards? 

I tried to start a discussion about how we might operationalize "understanding" to avoid relying on a simple self-reported Likert scale. That got a little bit of traction, at least.

Briefly raised the question of whether a survey is the right method but that appears to have been assumed, so...

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Scholarly standards vs. professional standards? 

I agreed to participate on a committee of a professional association charged with assessing the understanding of a given population of an emerging topic. Fair enough.

However, the rest of the committee appears to be rushing towards "What mailing lists should we distribute this survey on?"

I've raised concerns about self-selection bias and the impact on the study's validity, but they don't seem to care. Am I being unrealistic?

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