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Well hey there journal website don't you think that maybe you should post your ISSN(s) somewhere?

Algebra refresher workshop 

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Algebra refresher workshop 

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Algebra refresher workshop 

I was about to recommend as a data repository then discovered it has been down for over three hours. .

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my university counselor asked me for recommendations for trans literature to put in the counseling library

do you know any really good books about gender? please let me know!


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Archiving conference programs 

Academic writing: word counts 

Academic writing 

Rapid decay of the academic web 

Interlibrary loan hijinks 

"Qualitative tools that have been demonstrated reliable and applicable in several domains are Likert Scale surveys, that […]" - from a 2008 paper

No, no, please stop!

Plea to authors on titles for conf papers vs. articles 

Use of MARQUEE tag 

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Tech and word processing in academia 

Good fortune ($) 

Indigenous ally-ship, step one 

Presentation success (patting self on back) 

#FocusTime - presentation prep 

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