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I've added @rebeccah to my account portfolio

So, that makes
@delibrarian for things related to being an academic librarian and biology graduate student/researcher
@delibrarian for general professional and science-y stuff not directly related to above
@rebeccah for non-professional stuff (knitting, cats, life-beyond-academia)
@rebeccah for photography

I'll be switching some follows to different accounts--nothing personal, folks!

#ShowerThought in hindsight, I think that we, as a species, have transitioned everything to digital technology with reckless haste. Computer hardware and software is, almost without exception, still in the experimental/ toy phase. Slapped together, insecure, disposable, obsolete from the moment it ships. Yet we already depend on it utterly for pretty much everything, even though almost nobody knows how to manage all that data sanely in digital form (I know I don't). It's overwhelming.

CrossFit decided Monday: "to deactivate all Facebook and Instagram pages indefinitely was fueled by growing data and privacy concerns with the social media giant..."

Very small attendance, but VERY enthusiastic. I count that as a win. OER for affordability, access, and pedagogy.

I get to talk about OER at our faculty Teaching Academy today.

Oh, and we have Center for Autism in our very building. (Which is not the building HR is in. Maybe it should be.)

And our admin has been very busy chasing international students lately. Um, cultural differences much?

Even after a few hours I am still annoyed. We had an HR "training" on "dealing with difficult people." Which apparently includes anyone who won't meet your eyes. When I pointed out the cultural and neurological issues involved in this, I got talked down to.

We have revised our STEM Librarian position, to hire at either Assistant or Associate level (according to qualifications and experience.) New grads are encouraged to apply.

More info at

I’m on the search committee and will be working closely with the new hire, so please ask if you have questions!

Oh, good. Confirmation from the editor that the correction is uploaded.

Why is it that there is always some typo in that manuscript that you don't see until AFTER you hit the Submit button?

At least with online submissions you can re-upload.

Anyway, this is journal #2 for this manuscript. Fingers crossed.

The big apple tree on campus is in full bloom, to my delight and this bumble bee's.

Dear Journal Editors,

Why do we need all the crazy formatting rules just to submit a paper? Why can’t manuscripts be formatted to your esoteric format after they are accepted?

Everyone who has ever submitted a manuscript

#AcademicTwitter #phdlife

Presenting my poster at our local faculty research conference this Saturday. It's for our state-wide system, so we can all see what everyone's working on. I'm using the same poster I presented at last month's conference, which is handy, even if I did have to have it reprinted (different size restrictions, and it got a bit beat up.)

I recently learned that environmental historian Bill Cronon has a whole website dedicated to teaching research methods - much of it is geared for undergraduates new to research but I'm still getting a lot out of it and you might too

Menstrual supplies; university politics 

Citation analysis workflow 

Citation analysis workflow 

Autism Speaks, ugh. (-) 

Successfully presented my poster at a regional conference (mid distance eye contact) 

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