Even after a few hours I am still annoyed. We had an HR "training" on "dealing with difficult people." Which apparently includes anyone who won't meet your eyes. When I pointed out the cultural and neurological issues involved in this, I got talked down to.

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Oh, and we have Center for Autism in our very building. (Which is not the building HR is in. Maybe it should be.)

And our admin has been very busy chasing international students lately. Um, cultural differences much?

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@delibrarian So many yikes. I just came out to my boss about being ADHD within the last month; I've been here almost 4 years.

One of the things I pointed out to explain why my delay was mostly due to structural reasons ("it's not about you, boss") is that students go to a Disability Services office which advocates for them, while staff & faculty go to an HR office which will almost certainly start to "performance manage" them.

This kind of bs totally reinforces that instinctual understanding.

@foureyedsoul It's a "Human Resources" mindset. Employees are "resources" to be "managed." Some people take that a little too literally. We should bring back "Personnel" to help remind everyone that we are talking about people, not things.

We were told yesterday that we have a single culture of state employees that we all should be part of. Which somehow overrides everything else because of the name on our paycheck. And yet, she started off the talk with "Diversity." Sigh.

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