Sioyek is such an awesome PDF reader.
The only thing that was missing for me was selecting text with a keyboard, and ow even that is added in the newest version.
The portal mechanism is just perfect.

It supports Linux, Windows and MacOS, AND is open source AND can be used keyboard-only. Do you really need anything more?

Check it out here -

#rstats question 

Hey #rstats people, I am trying to study the link between two variables over time, as in the strength of the regression.
What I expect is that my explaining variable will account for less of the variation of my response variable as time passes.
How would you test for that ? Outside of doing regression for sets of time points and then doing a regression on that, which seems a bit weird.
Let me know if my question is clear !
#data #stats

unhelpful anger re: US pol 

I've got nothing to say right now that isn't some manner of righteous anger at the state of affairs in my country.

And, of course, tomorrow is my day to get in front of middle schoolers and talk science and show science to them. And I need to be the most positive voice that I can.

Keep good thoughts for me, friends.

If the kid was fourteen
it wasn't child labor;
no need to cause a scene.
My mum loved it at school
but her brothers were mean
and sent her off to work.
My mother was thirteen.


In statistical mechanics the key function describing any system is its 'partition function' - I'll explain that soon.

Imagine a gas of 'primons', one for each prime, and say the primon p has energy ln(p). The partition function of this gas is the Riemann zeta function!


This post doesn't seem to be getting shared nearly as much as the #nvidia announcement, which is a shame because it explains all the big picture stuff everybody is wondering about.

Hi I am a researcher building genetic circuits in plants and interesting in an academic career. Here is a link to some of my work:

In an ML model for ID'ing bird calls, you _don't_ want to slice the training data into small, eg, 5 sec slices. All bird recordings are polluted w background, non-target birds. You need to multimodel, w 1st model grabbing long, eg, 60 secs saying 'ROI for target species at seconds :31-:36" and then your 2nd model is your fine-tuned discriminator. #ML #AudioClassification

How are youth supposed to learn about the dangers of an authoritarian dictatorship if they learn in an authoritarian school?
We are rendered passive in classrooms so that we can be rendered passive in politics.

A few ways cathode ray tubes were used that you might not have been aware of by simply watching the boob tube.

Me: this is more of a cat than a question
Lecturer: ??
Me: *gently lobs a cat onto the stage*


Text-based therapy: "Young people valued the anonymity, perception of control, and increased access"

Helpful and unhelpful elements of synchronous text-based therapy: A thematic analysis, Dhesi et al., 2022

Was thinking about how silly it would be to say that a cat or a dog was a failure. We could say that a cat failed to catch a bird, or a dog to catch a rabbit, but the cat is still perfectly successful being a cat.

Why are we so much harder on each other, on our kids, our friends?

Why are we so much harder on ourselves?

parenting as nerd is hard. sometime i think about how my kids’ live would be simpler if i embraced ignorance and reified the dominate paradigm instead of modeling a life of challenging assumptions and verifying data with citations (giving credirt where credit is due).


their lives are harder because i’m an academic. i value phd candidate status. i revel in it. i don’t want the phd. i know what it takes to cross that line in my dept and refuse to sell my name to the funder’s goals.

Love this line in git docs:

First, you’ll use this technique to solve one of the most annoying problems known to humanity: version-controlling Microsoft Word documents. Everyone knows that Word is the most horrific editor around, but oddly, everyone still uses it.

Me, in class, learning interesting new things: :BlobCatSurprised: :SparklesBi:

Me, in class, learning the interesting new things were used to develop weapons for imperialist governments: :psyduck:

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