"End Anonymous Refereeing"

We already know that anonymity is turning us into little trolls. So why should this be different when you review?


@dietz @tomharris Working with the math on a day-to-day basis makes it feel less philosophical most of the time, if that makes any sense. But sometimes the math itself wraps around to trippy.

Academic engine to search a large web crawl provided by the project.

This is not my project, please direct comments to the authors.

Try it here: chatnoir.eu/

Read the paper:


Dear Mastodon.host users, let's take a moment to thanks Mark for his donation of roughly half a month of hosting costs.

Mark this is the second time I tell you you are my hero :)

From everyone here, thank you, it means a lot !

Challenge on Automatic Misogyny Detection

> The AMI shared task proposes the automatic identification of misogynous content both in English and in Spanish languages in Twitter.

I mostly wanted something better for the toot search button. Regexps are just not a great interface here.

Personally I much rather focus on making the search work, than about the GUI and other stuff around.

You had some great ideas on which toots should be searchable last night. So far `soot` uses the mastodon API that your client also uses. You have to log into `soot` so it sees only what you see.

There is no server end, it is just yet another mastodon GUI.

Yes, it needs more GUI love.


I might be writing a search tool for smaller instances this weekend. SO!

I'm asking for

* suggestions for names
* offers to test
* offers to advise on Python (because I don't know much Python at all)
* offers to advise on Mastodata (because I have no idea how the data of "user's toots" is requested or sent back to the requester, I'll be making crap-tacular but workable "easiest version" solutions)
* offers of your time so I can have a longer weekend to try to do this -_- aaaaaaaaaagh

I am a professor for Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire.

I develop algorithms for search engines. These often use knowledge graphs (such as from Wikipedia).

Mastodon's search makes my fingers itch. Maybe on a free weekend I will code up some better search for my toots.

In my spare time I love to go to the beach. Even if it is wicket cold. It is better than any meditation app.

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