Hey Mastodoners, we're a fledgling research institute starting up in Auckland New Zealand around the broad field of digital cultures. We want to support students, to conduct interesting research, and to connect with other orgs internationally. Open to suggestions, connections, or questions, drop us a line! :-)

@digitalcultures What type of opportunities do you have for scholars who cannot make it to Australia? Your project sounds really interesting, and I'd like to participate, but I am a broke grad student.

@Cyborgneticz Hey, thanks for interest. We're actually based in NZ, not Australia, but in any event, while we appreciate people in a room together, we also want to leverage tech to make intl connections.

One specific opportunity is that we'll be releasing some open-access publications ( Drop us a line if you've got some relevant work you'd like to put out. :-)

@digitalcultures Welcome! Some of our students are into computational social science and sociolinguistics. Do you have a page with research challenges at Auckland to point them to?

Hi @digitalcultures - I missed this toot during my vacation break. I'm based in Dunedin and we (the OERu) run an open online course internationally called Learning in a Digital Age which touches on aspects of digital culture. Happy to connect and discuss further.

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