People calling me names 

In a class of 28 Programming students, there are 26 persons using MS Windows, a Mac user, and a GNU/weird_KISS_distro/CLI/tiling_WM/Linux user. That's actually me.

Now guess who's not a Kali user but has been christened "Mr. Robot" anyway.

Cheap self-psychology 

People have been calling me "Sheldon" for ages. Yet I never thought of myself as being kind of Asperger, or a nerd, or anything like that. Just the other side being unable to understand or being passionate about the same stuff I do and as I am. Now I see their point was correct.

The score still settles for "Penny" being generally wrong about everything else we discussed about.

The mind is its own place 

My Phil degree has been quite useful in my life.

I mean, I got a lot of interesting stuff to think about while I worked as a waiter, a gardener, a shop assistant, a parking lot attendant...


What is the most important thing you learn in any Humanities studies?

Maybe that is, you learn to read.

What you must, or musn't, could, or couldn't, read. And how to. And why.

Then it's up to you.

Salad thoughts 

Living in a place where you can get fresh, high quality, affordable (YMMV), mostly local ingredients for a good salad is good. I love salads, and they always remind me of the Swamp Thing, and that is good too.

Just when I was starting to get excited about ...

It probably can be discussed, but I think it raises some fair -and worrisome- points.

From a practical point of view, it may pay to learn some Rust anyway. As does with other languages that one can personally dislike.

But for pet projects or just personal preference, the search for the "perfect" language goes on...

The non-school of pessimistic, nihilistic writers (some refuse to call them "philosophers") has a number of obscure, almost forgotten figures. Case in point: Albert Caraco. One could say it couldn't be another way, but here goes nothing anyway:

The has been one of my models for cross-thinking about some of my personal interests.

Steaming from that source we can find some of the most interesting, if relatively underground, essays, thinkers and ideas of the 21th Century so far: , , , ...

Hello world, hello Fediverse.

I'm currently a Programming student, with a major in Philosophy and a wide range of interests.

I'm interested in sharing knowledge and grow together.

I'm *not* interested in low effort toots, political discussions and the like. Let's back up our arguments with quality, academic sources if necessary, or just ignore me.

I've got an edge on the occult, but as an intellectual curiosity and an opportunity for literature (CCRU style).

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