Hi, all. I help applied energy researchers with metadata strategy. I speak scientist (EECS PhD in nanofabrication), developer (mostly Python and web tech), and ontologist (RDF and friends). I’m a huge fan of FAIR and knowledge graphs. I do a podcast on Machine-Centric Science:

@donnywinston Hi Donny, welcome to the Fediverse. It great to see folks here that I recognize from other online venues. We're both on the FAIRpoints slack channel too!

@danwchan thank you. ActivityPub/Mastadon seems more FAIR than Slack. :) Any recommendations of other FAIR champions in the Fediverse I can follow?

@donnywinston Yes I agree. Hoping that DMA will be successful to meaningfully open up Slack and Discord APIs

I wouldn't call toots Findable though. IMO mastodon is about meeting people anyways. I don't think people would think of themselves as champions here. But I could be corrected.

But, plenty FAIR thoughts on this instance so you check the local timeline for that. I'm not explicitly trying to cultivate it in my timeline. Maybe @OpenScienceFeed has links of interest?

@danwchan @donnywinston Mastodon is not particularly findable. But past posts on FAIR can be easily found on Reddit.

Librarians, or GLAM folks in general, tend to be strong on FAIR stuff, especially the ones that are here. There are a few instances with GLAM communities, which could be a way to find people with similar interests.

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