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Having a full What is Water* moment about social media now I’m switching platforms. What is this for? What am I for?! Why am I doing this?? And greater awareness and reflection is obv good but also scary and exhausting.

*Two young fish are swimming along and pass an older fish. The older fish calls “Morning boys! How’s the water?” The young fish keep going, and then one turns to the other and says “dude, what the fuck is water?”

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Hi folx - I’m another bird site escapee trying out different instances. My work stuff is:

My me stuff is:
Cats, Sci-fi and fantasy, Comics, Gaming, Being Mad At The State Of Things.

Anyone got any links to the history/evolution of the academic publishing model? Doing some thinking about why defaulting to Write A Paper needs to be challenged and want to know more about how we got into this mess!

Do you know of any work on histories of urban dwellings?

Especially "alternative" sorts of housing like informal settlements, work-/poorhouses, dorms, convents, various types of single occupant housing (hotels, bachelor's rooms, etc), public housing projects and so on.

I would fancy work that cites other literature on the topic and does NOT focus on the US.

:boost_requested: Boosts appreciated!

Withdrawing from PhD (-) 

Well it's come to this. Completed my coursework 2018-2019, planned on comps in the fall of 2019 but lost my supervisor (denial of tenure). Returned to FT work Aug. 2019 but stayed enrolled as FT PhD student.

Caretaker supervisor didn't know my area, so we delayed comps to find an external co-supervisor with domain knowledge in early 2020.

External wouldn't integrate me into their lab, internal didn't like the comps proposal I had developed with my 1st supervisor.

Academic conferences really feel like a massively outdated concept, even more so than academic journals. Maybe we should just throw the whole idea of them away and start again, organising sustainable events that meet clear aims for doing and sharing research.

What’s the etiquette around sharing for free a PDF original doc version of a chapter published in a book that people would otherwise have to pay for? When I wrote the chapter I mean. Is this allowed/frowned upon/standard practice? I really dislike pointing people to something they can’t access for free.

Conference I’m attending next week has sent us a pdf to print our own name badges and as a millennial I’m flummoxed by the concept, as someone who paid £500 to attend I’m a different F word off.

Just lost all my open tabs to papers I hasn’t read and swinging between feelings of freedom and relief vs bereft panic

Also, some people on the bird site started insisting he was an owl, and my wife has never forgiven the academic community for disparaging her Best Boy.

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Note: visually, this is far from great. I had to compromise a lot with my co-authors and put more text on than I would have liked.

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Did a talk on presenting at conferences today and got to roll out my award winning contribution, “How to actually get to speak to other people at a conference when you’ve lucked out and been stuck with just a poster.”

Get to feel like a proper scientist when I play with Seek. Is this how Darwin felt on Galapagos?

So I’m soon to be one of those many people trying out . From August I’m going part time at the Uni and working three days a week with a digital agency. I honestly don’t know yet if this is me doing a staged exit, or if not feeling entirely stuck in academia will actually refresh me and I can make a hybrid career work. Any tips or advice or warnings welcome!

I've been thinking about why I spent so much time getting carried away by projects with no considerable returns whatsoever. Translation of ancient documents, esoteric geography, speculative linguistics, you name it. Well... they gave me joy is why. Fun is not a good enough reason to do anything. Joy is.

How is not already a thing among Mastodon communities?

Listening to passionate people talk about their work and research is my favorite pastime

A point of etiquette:

As a courtesy to everyone on Scholar, we'd like to ask you to help keep from filling up the Local Timeline with very long threads

This means that if you are writing a thread, please do one of the following:

1. Make the first post Public and the following posts Unlisted (others will see the rest of the thread when they click the first post, but the following posts won't be on the Local Timeline), or

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There is an increasing body of work exposing the level of tracking in which #Elsevier engage, and the way in which data are aggregated, used for profiling, and packaged to customers, such as intelligence agencies. Even the PDFs of their articles are bloated with trackers. See for example:

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Happy “The REF is a broken system until we do well in it!” Day to those who celebrate.

(Actually a very good way to check if this instance is My People…)

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