Got my first Peruvian haircut. There are some lines and it's a bit uneven but I can't complain for $1.50.

Who's this dude with all the toots in my timeline?! Oh wait, @bgcarlisle changed his avatar.

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peer review, language 

Ugh. Rejection number two for this paper. On to the third submission...

I probably wouldn't bother if it was just me, but my coauthors are undergrads who would like to have a publication on their records.

local news error, Epstein 

sabbatical, Perú 

Living abroad complaining 

Why am I searching for how to import a donkey to the United States? Oh, no reason.

I think I'm about done with publishing in journals all together.

Over the next four nights, my family and I will sleep in three different states and two different countries.

feral children 


A large steam engine train called the "Big Boy" passed through our area yesterday. So that was the excitement around here for the week.

Medical bills 

My two dogs got in a scuffle which resulted in the older one messing up one of his teeth. Today he went in to have it extracted and they ended up removing 11 teeth. 🙁

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Perú sabbatical, earthquake 

Universities really love putting up as many roadblocks as possible in the way of getting reimbursed for travel expenses. 😞

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