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Anybody know of any scholarly journals operating completely, or even just conducting peer review, on Reddit?

@drb No but why use a platform that is going to own and control all the analytics, could easily set up open review in Scalar or a syndication site like

@jgmac1106 alternatives are certainly an option, and if I were to go that route, I'd probably use Postmill ( or Voat (

But I think the strength of something like Reddit is having a built-in user base rather than having to build a community from scratch.

@drb Think you may overestimate number of scholars on reddit

and over estimate number of scholars willing to do peer review on the same place people go to buy used panties

@jgmac1106 LoL, well I suppose they could create alternate non-pseud accounts for the purposes of the journal.

@drb postmill looks cool!

Yeah I want to get all of our professional organizations off of the silos and onto the web.

Need to move away from member benefit and let knowledge be a member recruiter

@jgmac1106 I just really like the workflow of JOSS (, which conducts all of its review on Github. I'm curious of an alternative platform that could fulfill the same function but for non-software types.

@drb Its WordPress but its doable.

Any academic is always allowed a free license to my app it's for peer observations but observing document same thing

Not open source yet, will get there, but pages can be made public or private

@drb I might lean towards hypothesis and a simple html form anyways, you could then syndicate both the annotation/comment feed and the final reviews anywhere

@jgmac1106 that's a good idea! I do like Hypothesis a lot. This would also match with another idea I've had where the "journal" includes simply a link to the published work which is hosted on a preprint repository or somewhere else. Sort of an overlay journal built on top of the rest of the internet. Then the Hypothesis annotation could syndicate back to that page as you suggested.

@drb @jgmac1106 Are you looking for an open journal hosting platform, like ? More traditional journal publishing workflow, and I am not sure you can conduct an "open" peer review using it, if that is the specific functionality you are looking for.

@clintlalonde @jgmac1106 yea, OJS is a little to "traditional" for my tastes 😀

I'm more interested in what a more modern approach might look like.

@drb @jgmac1106 Totally fair point & I agree - it does feel dated. And I've been to more than a few OJS sites where I can't even subscribe to updates or RSS feeds b/c they are misconfigured.

@clintlalonde @drb I want to push that we syndicate our journal articles to reviewers and issuers from our own websites...but then it would be an issue of three people talking to each other
I swear digital humanities, most meta field out there, all the work about trying to figure out the work

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