Dad Life 

I just wrote a song about trying to get my son to poop on the potty to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues.

Dad Life, potty talk 

@jhlee LoL, I'll probably regret this but here goes:

I feel the poop a comin'
It's rollin' 'round the bend,
And I ain't had a bowel movement
Since, I don't know when
I'm stuck here on this toilet
And time keeps draggin' on
But my stomach keeps a-rollin'
So I just sit on down

When I was just a baby
My Mama told me, "Son
Always be a good boy
Don't ever risk the runs, "
But I did it down in Reno
I just flushed it down
When I feel that stomach rumblin'
I hang my head and frown

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