COVID-19, travel woes, progress 

We are slightly closer to getting home. My flight has now been changed twice due to cancellations. If the latest one holds, we should finally get to fly home on Wednesday. We'll be leaving out of London rather than Paris and now have a stop on the East Coast rather than direct.

There is probably a twist or two yet to come, but hopefully we are close. Of course, when we get "home" we won't actually be home. Instead we will self-isolate in an AirBnB for two weeks.

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COVID-19, travel woes, progress 

Made it back to the US after a long day of travel from London, through JFK, and on to Minneapolis. The extra screening at JFK was very minimal and quite quick. Now we isolate for a couple of weeks in an AirBnB. The kids might lose it being so close but not being able to see the grandparents.

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