My campus' CIO decided this week that if our emeriti faculty want to keep access to their email addresses, they have to pay $100 per year.


Meanwhile, my graduate institution still lets me keep my email address and unlimited cloud storage space 8 years after I graduated.

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@drb its really weird and arbitrary isn't it! I still have one (plus an alumnus account!) from my first university but the other two unis shut it down as soon as I was neither a paying student nor an employee

@bookandswordblog Yea, I don't really understand. Part of the point of emeriti status is to help retirees stay engaged with the campus. This isn't doing that!

@drb it seems like something that is supposed to earn $100/year but really costs the uni $10,000 in donations and referrals and research and shares of grants. Emeriti are rich, ornery, and connected!

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