Thinking today about what #federation would look like for preprint servers. What would it look like for preprint servers, or academic publishers for that matter, to join the #fediverse?

What if we built an inter-operable network of repositories. Individual researchers could host their personal repositories and institutions could continue to host institutional or disciplinary focused repositories as they do now.

Works would be discoverable across the network regardless of a researcher's "home" repository. Would indexing services still be necessary?

@engrxiv I wrote up a few more of my thoughts on the idea of federated preprint servers. Would love to know the thoughts of others.


@vinnl maybe to help with the "firehose" problem, preprints posted to the network can be filtered by the servers as they are now. Meaning if something is posting directly on engrXiv, I can moderate it as I do now. But users could also post to their own server and at the same time submit it to be 'featured' or also displayed on engrXiv, which would then involve moderation.

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Users specifically interested in engineering could subscribe to engrXiv's feed. But not all posts in that feed would necessarily be hosted by engrXiv.

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