Yay! Paper finally published that is the result of ~10 years of on and off work.

:OpenEngineering: doi.org/10.3390/robotics110100

This paper described the design and testing of a hydraulic valve that was designed in 2011/2012 as part of my thesis work.

Then after writing and revision, the thesis was published in 2013. hdl.handle.net/11299/159593

There it stagnated for a while because I wasn't really too motivated to publish anything from my thesis. However, I finally gave in to my advisor's request to publish in about 2017 and wrote up the paper.


I posted it as a preprint, dx.doi.org/10.31224/osf.io/N7A

Submitted to a journal and the reviews said it needed some experimental validation. Which is a fair criticism.

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My advisor brought on an undergrad research student to setup some experiments with the valve and get some data. I really didn't have the time to put in any effort to this kind of testing.

With the pandemic and other things slowing everything down, we finally had experimental validation to add to the paper posted a revision to the preprint about 3.5 years after V1.

This was followed some journal rejections/revisions to get it to the point of finally being published. /fin

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