ActivityPub Worpress help request 

Any people that could help me troubleshoot the Wordpress plugin? I'm trying to figure out how to get it working at

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ActivityPub Worpress help request 

@drb what issues are you seeing?

@mburtonkelly based on my understanding of how the plugin should work, I would expect to find the posts here: since the user account is here:

However, I don't find that when searching it from Mastodon.

@drb have you made a new post with that account since activating the plugin?

@mburtonkelly well that is a good point. I was thinking it would just pickup the account. I've just posted a test post and it hasn't shown up yet, but I'll give it a few minutes.

@drb there's also a settings page for the plugin, did you find that?

@mburtonkelly I do see the settings page, but I don't see much in there that would change things too much.

@drb darn. Yeah, I can't find on any of the instances I use yet.

@mburtonkelly as far as I can tell WP-cron is enabled. I don't see anything specifically disabling it.

@mburtonkelly my only guess at the moment is it could be related to the URL structure. The plugin repo says you need to edit .htaccess if the blog is in a subdirectory (/blog/) in this case. But then the posts are located in /YYYY/MM/DD/ paths. Maybe that is a conflict.

Beats me. I'm not really clear on what the requirements are for the plugin.

ActivityPub Worpress help request 

@drb I had problems with getting the WP plugin to work from a sub-directory, e.g.

So I ended up moving my blog to and the AP plugin worked

ActivityPub Worpress help request 

@bgcarlisle yea, this could be the problem. The plugin documentation says it should work with a subdirectory if you edit htaccess, but that isn't doing it for me.

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