Netflix show, The Chair 

I finally got around to watching The Chair. Are there actually universities with classrooms and offices that look like that? I've never seen wood work like that in an office let alone a classroom.

In my experience it is always cinder block buildings and crappy IKEA style furniture.

Netflix show, The Chair 

@drb My profs at Agnes Scott College, some of them had beautiful beautiful offices in old buildings with shelves and walls covered in books. But...never saw a classroom like that. I wish.
God the sets were so pretty.

Netflix show, The Chair 

@Cyborgneticz @drb our university has one building like that, which gets shown off a lot on Instagram and in promotional brochures, but the majority of the campus is either Bog Standard 1960s Concrete University or Flashy 2010s Glass-and-Steel University

the big bosses have their offices in there but I have never known anyone actually have a class in there

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