Migrating my Google Photos to a self-hosted option. 10,000 files done; 40,000 to go.

@drb nice one! What platform did you move to? I shifted my Flickr account (10k+ images) to Piwigo... It's great, and the import was surprisingly smooth, but I wish it did a better job with hosting video, too... (nowadays I might consider using NextCloud Images/Video as an alternative)...

@lightweight right now I am just moving the files to a storage server. I have a Nextcloud instance that connects with that server, but the Photos app doesn't have any sorting or other features. I might get an install of either LibrePhotos or PhotoPrism going to serve as a frontend.

@drb interesting, hadn't heard of either of those two systems - will investigate! Thanks, and good luck!


@lightweight I think both of those emerged after Google announced their storage changes. Both are trying to implement things like facial recognition and automatic recognition of objects to aid searching.

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