Migrating my Google Photos to a self-hosted option. 10,000 files done; 40,000 to go.

Speaking of photos, how do people pass photos down to their kids these days? I can't imagine handing down a hard drive or saying, "Don't forget to keep paying for this server!" in my will.

@drb mine are all on my hard drive (and backed up), but I intend to print a bunch of photo books of important ones. These are good questions to ask.


@mburtonkelly I think the photo books for a selection of photos are a good idea. To me it feels like all of the digital stuff could go poof fairly easily. Of course, prints are susceptible to fire and flood.

I think I have a few photo albums from grandparents and one or two photos from older generations. For my parents, all of their photos are probably exclusively on FB...

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@drb I will end up with several photo albums eventually, but most of mine are digital.

The reason I'm thinking about this right now is because I've been working on the family genealogy for 20 years and haven't found a great way to keep track of photo details and provenance.

@mburtonkelly good point. I came across this site, collectionaire.com/, which seems like a decent idea. Of course, I'm not sure it is a good idea to collect media on third party sites that could go away at any time.

@drb oh yikes. I don't even keep my tree on a shared site, it's selfhosted in . Which has a very simple media management system built in, but I'd like more.

These commercial sites usually have decent "how to" posts that can help understand better data management, so it's not all bad.

@mburtonkelly yea, seems to reach about the same conclusions as our discussion.

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