corrupted jpeg help request 

Suppose I have a bunch of jpegs on a flash drive that are looking like this. Is it possible to uncorrupt them somehow?

corrupted jpeg help request 

@drb Unlikely. The color information per pixel is lost, there is no hidden metadata or hidden copy of the bitmap.

You may have luck with some image correction tools (noise removal etc).

And - educated guess - that's an issue with the camera / camera chip.

corrupted jpeg help request 

Thanks. I know the issue isn't with the camera as these photos looked fine when I first received them.

They are on a flash drive that has been sitting idle for 13 years.

corrupted jpeg help request 

@elb @drb Ah okay... never had to tackle with damaged png - so it's one more for the 'need to learn'-bucket


@antiphasis @elb they actually are jpegs. The attached photo was a screenshot to show what it looks like, hence the PNG. Here is a direct download for one of the JPEGs (9mb).

As I mentioned, the files were good 13 years ago. This is what they look like when opening them off of the flash drive they have been sitting on.

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@antiphasis @elb There are 614 photos in total. It appears that they all have the lines in different colors/patterns.

@drb @elb

Just searched a little, it seems there are tools that may be capable of repairing damaged jpegs.

Here's a test - where 4 out of 5 tools failed:

@antiphasis @elb yea, that doesn't look promising. I read somewhere that maybe a drive repair tool rather than an image repair tool might work, but I'll need to look into what tools are available for drive repair.

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