Attending a 1 hr and 15 min meeting that has an agenda optimistically broken down into 30 sec increments.

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@drb good lord! What meeting is this?

I've found breaking down helps in *some* cases, but (a) there should be a "buffer time" for things that spill over and (b) there's a limit to how short they can be 😛

@badri It was an end-of-the year update from an office on campus. There were maybe a dozen individual presenters, each with variable length times slots (e.g. 2 mins, 1m30s, etc.). It definitely didn't follow the allotted times precisely, but I think it was funny to try to schedule it that way.

@drb definitely! I'm wondering if there's a reason behind it though 🤔

Could it be that giving thirty-second increments makes people more aware that time is short? ⏳

If someone says they'll call back in 25 minutes I think "okay, they will actually call back in precisely 25 minutes" whereas if they say "half an hour" then it could be anything ranging from 20 to 40 minutes or even an hour ☎️

Maybe a similar thing works for meetings? (Or, well, maybe it was just weird 😜)

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