These have shown up in our classrooms recently and they are pretty funny.

engineering meme about the military industrial complex 

Saving this one for later.

corrupted jpeg help request 

Suppose I have a bunch of jpegs on a flash drive that are looking like this. Is it possible to uncorrupt them somehow?

Web archive link, research 

Hey cool, my recent journal paper is being featured on the front page of the journal.

While not officially official, my Chancellor is recommending me for promotion to Full Professor!

It's not the prettiest home network setup but it's functional.

Academic hiring 

Considering that this exact thing just happened on my campus, this is a little too on the nose for my taste.

Reading summary for 2021 

I managed 63 books completed in 2021. It's been a good year for reading!

alcohol photo 

Ended the day with a little scotch tasting.

1. University facing big budget problems.
2. We spend lots of $$$ on certain software.
3. I suggest viable FOSS alternative.
4. Them 👇

I'm bringing on Summer NSF REU research students for projects in watershed remediation and environmental monitoring. Applications are due January 24th!

gardening, food 

Between our CSA and our backyard garden, we are quickly becoming overrun with tomatoes.

FB screenshot, local student oddities 

A student who walks around campus wearing a home made knight outfit is donating his prototype gloves to the county's history museum. They appear to be gardening gloves with some tap lights glued to them.

How certain are my dogs that they need to go out to potty this morning?

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