How certain are my dogs that they need to go out to potty this morning?

My neighbor's kids are currently running around outside playing and sledding.

alcohol mention in alt text 

There are worse ways to do some work on a Friday afternoon.

Get yourself a partner who looks at you the way this lamb looks at my son.

Driving in the UK 

They put the steering wheel on the wrong damn side of my rental car.

alcohol mention 

I assume that even the boxed wine in France is better than the stuff we get in the US.

I wonder if I could convince my university to let me work remotely if I had one of these bad boys to attend meetings with. 🤔

Sabbatical, Perú, building things 

Working on putting together a hydraulic ram pump. Not quite functional yet but I think I'll leave the troubleshooting until tomorrow.

Peruvian alcoholic beverage 

They say that beer is an acquired taste, but I must say that the taste of chicha de jora will take me much longer to acquire.

Creepy animal photos 

We have scorpions and unnecessarily large spiders. I am not having it.

So this little cutie has been visiting our yard for the last few days just to play and we are trying our best not to make arrangements to bring her home from Perú...

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