It's just so literal. Kind of like using "way out" to describe the exit or "washing up liquid" for dish soap.

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The financial sustainability of preprint servers has been getting some attention lately. Our thoughts from the perspective of Engineering Archive.


#engineering #sustainability #openaccess

When the department chair has to send an email to the entire department to ask the faculty to "please behave like professionals" during department meetings... 🤨

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"Selecting Appropriate 3D Scanning Technologies for Prosthetic Socket Design and Transtibial Residual Limb Shape Characterisation" - :oeng: osf.io/s4kbn/ #engineering #openengr

Lately we've been mixing our French wine with Orangina. If this isn't already a thing, it should be.

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Are there and/or advocates in these parts? I'm new to Mastodon and would love to connect.

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And here's an awe-inspiring blog post I saw recently about how one student takes notes in math class in real time with and


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@RaoOfPhysics @bgcarlisle I had been looking at these, but then also comparing with the Likebook ARES.

In general I don't really like the whole "gamification" movement, but I'll be damned if Duolingo hasn't manipulated me into practicing more and more every week.

alcohol mention 

complaining about French 

complaining about French 

Your right. Does appear to be mostly dead these days.

I have Beaker installed and have a site but haven't really figured out much to do with it yet.

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Cuba's El Paquete, its USB-driven offline internet 

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