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Anybody know of a way to use an OAI-PMH feed as a trigger for IFTTT or Zapier?

Anybody know of a way to use an OAI-PMH feed as a trigger for IFTTT or Zapier?

internet slang, I think 

I was called a "based Chad" in a student eval. Is this good, bad, or cringe?

So my institution changed us from monthly to biweekly pay checks this year. Sounds great, right? Apparently this also changed the calculation for our Summer salary day rate from base/180 to base/195.

So our day rate is lower but we can now be paid for 45 Summer days instead of 40. Effectively, I'd have to work an extra week to earn the same Summer pay. Gee, thanks.

@badri It was an end-of-the year update from an office on campus. There were maybe a dozen individual presenters, each with variable length times slots (e.g. 2 mins, 1m30s, etc.). It definitely didn't follow the allotted times precisely, but I think it was funny to try to schedule it that way.

Attending a 1 hr and 15 min meeting that has an agenda optimistically broken down into 30 sec increments.

Last class period done on the last day of classes for the semester!

Now just on to final project presentations.

Another account. Some people have multiple accounts on different servers for different purposes.

Microsoft complaining, students and technology 

My students really struggle to understand files and directory structures, but wow does Microsoft not help. They can open the same files in Teams, Office in the browser, or one of the Office apps and they all provide different editing capabilities and different limitations.

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Mastodon/fedi server recs (because :birdsite: literally blocked me from posting it lol)


Lefty/social justice-oriented:,,,





Geographical: (NZ), (Twin Cities, MN), (Montréal, Punklandia)

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PLEASE SHARE! I am soliciting stories about working in #HigherEd under austerity. Read more and contribute:

@Rudydoesbooks staffing yes, but specifically how courses are assigned. We have two instruction/reference librarians on campus, but they are not assigned courses.

@Rudydoesbooks this is a good point, though as far as I know, our librarians do not have instructional assignments and thus wouldn't be affected by the policy.

I've found myself on one of the more challenging committees I've ever been on. We're tasked with redefining the "instructional workload" policy for all of campus.

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