I need to update a software package that I use for teaching and of course the only way that can be done under my IT's security policies is to reimage (wipe) my laptop. Looks like I'll be starting from scratch tomorrow. :blobpats:

These have shown up in our classrooms recently and they are pretty funny.

@jonny I had this problem until very recently I managed to dig a bunch of lint out with a needle. Just kept scratching at bottom until stuff started to come out. I’d been living with a very unreliable charging connection for a couple of years until I finally got it cleaned. So much better now!

@clacke @kensanata @yaxu @engrxiv @wim_v12e I think this really depends on the source software behind the server and how it presents the metadata. Engineering Archive uses Open Preprint Systems from Public Knowledge Project and I think it does an ok job here. I can at least import items into Zotero without issue.

@wim_v12e @yaxu @clacke @kensanata for what it is worth, don’t care how you generate your PDF over at @engrxiv :BlobCatMlem:

@yaxu @kensanata @wim_v12e sorry, I can’t help much with ArXiv specifically as I’m not involved with their workflow.

I agree that ArXiv is good if you're CS focused. If you do any work that could be considered engineering, I run @engrxiv and would be happy to answer any questions.
@kensanata @yaxu

I am so not ready for classes to start tomorrow.

I mean my classes are ready, but I'm not ready, emotionally.

engineering meme about the military industrial complex 

Saving this one for later.

I am a millennial. I'm simultaneously grateful that I learned how to properly use a computer while I was growing up and frustrated that I have to teach both my parents and my students how to use computers.

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@hn100 it continues to be critically important understand and support open CAD software options.


@hn100 it continues to be critically important understand and support open CAD software options.


*Conversations that you can presumably overhear in the university purchasing office.*

Purchaser: Yes, I’m calling to order this year’s supply of toilet paper. What is your cheapest option?
Sales person: Well, we have the “Super-Budget 1-ply”, it’s made from recycled bath tissue!
Purchaser: Hmm, that sounds expensive. Do you have anything in a half-ply?

Invited to a wedding on a beach in Thailand the first weekend in December. Contemplating if I can cancel my classes for a while during the last few weeks of the semester. :BlobCatGoogly:

Attended my first in-person conference in 3 years. Got COVID.

Does this version fix the issue that a Hometown instance won't load when the app is opened if that was the last account displayed?

I've somehow managed to end my first 10 years as a professor with my best students evals to date. :toot:

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