Today seems like a good day for our septic pump to stop working.

Thanks! It's getting close. Just need a microphone.

Get yourself a partner who looks at you the way this lamb looks at my son.

@mplouffe I've heard that Zenodo items are indexed or not indexed based on a variety of criteria and data type. OSF allows for the 'original publication date' in the meta data. Did you set that? I'm curious if GS is picking that up or not.

It's the first Monday of June! That means I'm getting emails from all of the people asking me to do all of the things.

That thing when you have a great idea for a web domain, but you probably don't need another website/blog to maintain.

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That's a good suggestion. Our students pay for their books indirectly through our on campus rental program, funded by student fees. Luckily, our Instructional Resources people already push OER fairly heavily.

COVID, university planning 

@ashwinvis @vickysteeves it's the new business casual!

COVID, university planning 

Right now the admin is saying no because our fall courses are already scheduled as F2F and students have registered under that situation. This can change if the uni as a whole goes online.

COVID, university planning 

No, there is a union of sorts but Scott Walker outlawed collective bargaining in Wisconsin back in 2010 so it doesn't do a lot of good.

COVID, university planning 

My campus is taking about having faculty wear face shields and full PPE while in the classroom in the Fall. I personally am looking forward to lecturing to a fogged up face shield.

Oh, ok. The submission needs to be a PowerPoint file rather than a video file.

Ah, so you're thinking video chat at the same time and pipe that audio into PowerPoint.

I have to prepare a voice-over Powerpoint for a virtual conference. Anybody know how to do one with two people remotely located both providing voice-over?

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Team #IASGE would *love* to hear about how you use version control & code hosting platforms, no matter your level of use or confidence in your skills :heart_cybre:

More info about the research:

Direct link to the survey:

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@bstacey same, I'm just having such a hard time processing what is happening. They are even saying that if you mailed your absentee ballot without a witness signature, as was allowed for about a day, you have to bring your own witness to the polls tomorrow to have them sign the ballot you already mailed.

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