Living abroad complaining 

Why am I searching for how to import a donkey to the United States? Oh, no reason.

People would still be welcome to peer review. They can leave a comment or use Hypothesis.

I think a blog could handle most things. A preprint server for when I need to collect things in one place and timestamp them (like an article).

I think I'm about done with publishing in journals all together.

Over the next four nights, my family and I will sleep in three different states and two different countries.

feral children 


A large steam engine train called the "Big Boy" passed through our area yesterday. So that was the excitement around here for the week.

Medical bills 

Medical bills 

My two dogs got in a scuffle which resulted in the older one messing up one of his teeth. Today he went in to have it extracted and they ended up removing 11 teeth. 🙁

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Perú sabbatical, earthquake 

Universities really love putting up as many roadblocks as possible in the way of getting reimbursed for travel expenses. 😞

Can we all just agree that all flights should have fixed rates between destinations. I'm sick of prices jumping up and down by hundreds of dollars over the course of a day.

Salt about open science; Strong Language 

Now that our Spring semester is over, my sabbatical is even closer. Nervous excitement!

@vickysteeves I've already seen too many spoilers. I've just hoping that by the time I finally get around to watching, I'll have forgotten...

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