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So this little cutie has been visiting our yard for the last few days just to play and we are trying our best not to make arrangements to bring her home from Perú...

New article out today, "Design and Preliminary Testing of a Continuum Assistive Robotic Manipulator" -

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Finally, after two rejections, this article is going to be published!

Got my first Peruvian haircut. There are some lines and it's a bit uneven but I can't complain for $1.50.

To be honest, the pineapple kind of creeped me out. I think it was the eyes.

Who's this dude with all the toots in my timeline?! Oh wait, @bgcarlisle changed his avatar.

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peer review, language 

Ugh. Rejection number two for this paper. On to the third submission...

I probably wouldn't bother if it was just me, but my coauthors are undergrads who would like to have a publication on their records.

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Living abroad complaining 

Why am I searching for how to import a donkey to the United States? Oh, no reason.

People would still be welcome to peer review. They can leave a comment or use Hypothesis.

I think a blog could handle most things. A preprint server for when I need to collect things in one place and timestamp them (like an article).

I think I'm about done with publishing in journals all together.

Over the next four nights, my family and I will sleep in three different states and two different countries.

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