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The Engineering Archive now has had more preprint submissions in 2019 than were submitted in all of 2017! Not #AprilFools!

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Don't live where you grew up. 

Study guide Q 

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history, google maps 

Anybody else struggle filling out a form that asks if you are an expert in something? I have a really hard time saying, "yes, I'm an expert in that!"

Snow woes 

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Loving the growth trend of preprint submissions to Engineering Archive!

Check out all of the stats here:

Serving only 5 years, he will be the shortest serving Chancellor in our university's history.

Our chancellor just abruptly announced his retirement for later this year. Interesting.

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"Impacts of Engineering: An Introductory Course in Engineering Featuring Social Justice" - :oeng: #engineering #openengr

The reviewers who didn't like that this paper was 26 pages and said nobody would read it at that length would really hate my highly cited 54 page article.

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In case people missed it, the whole University of California system (public unis in California) cancelled their subscriptions and deals with Elsevier 🎇 the split is over open access, lock-in, and exorbitant pricing

Read more:


I guess it isn't too bad when the peer reviews just say to make the article shorter.


We have 2 to 3 feet of snow on the roof of our house already. Supposed to get 6 to 9 inches of heavy, wet snow tonight. Hoping the roof doesn't collapse!

fossil fuels 

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I'm hiring someone to work with me in the new lab we're creating Plymouth State University (NH) to support engaged pedagogies! Please share this listing with your best instructional designers & pedagogues, esp. those with passion for interdisciplinarity & open education!

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