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Can we all just agree that all flights should have fixed rates between destinations. I'm sick of prices jumping up and down by hundreds of dollars over the course of a day.

Now that our Spring semester is over, my sabbatical is even closer. Nervous excitement!

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Just put my retainer in for the first time in like three years. All I taste is pain.

@socrates maybe you've addressed this before so sorry if I've missed it, do DOI links go against the no shortened links clause of the community standards?

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"Impacts of Engineering Justice Curriculum: A Survey of Student Attitudes" - :oeng: #engineering #openengr

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The Engineering Archive now has had more preprint submissions in 2019 than were submitted in all of 2017! Not #AprilFools!

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Don't live where you grew up. 

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Anybody else struggle filling out a form that asks if you are an expert in something? I have a really hard time saying, "yes, I'm an expert in that!"

Snow woes 

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Loving the growth trend of preprint submissions to Engineering Archive!

Check out all of the stats here:

Serving only 5 years, he will be the shortest serving Chancellor in our university's history.

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Our chancellor just abruptly announced his retirement for later this year. Interesting.

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"Impacts of Engineering: An Introductory Course in Engineering Featuring Social Justice" - :oeng: #engineering #openengr

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