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COVID-19, travel, university 

Today we decided to cut our trip short and head home next week rather than continue on to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and back to Paris as originally planned.


Watching how the US is handling the Coronavirus, I'm thinking my family might be safer if we just stayed in Europe/Scandinavia.

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Just watching the numbers climb and wondering about our upcoming flights...

I also discovered that there is a whole book relating to the history of this side of my family history.

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One of his fellow signatories, John Proctor, was then accused of being a witch (first male so accused). Nathaniel Felton was the first signature on the petition prepared in support of John Proctor.

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So it turns out that one of my relatives, Nathaniel Felton, signed a letter disavowing the witch trial of a woman named Rebecca Nurse.

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So if I discovered that one of my distant ancestors was a 40 year old constable in Salem, MA during the time of the witch trials, how questionable would that be?

I don't seem to understand web caching. An update to my site isn't reflected in Firefox, Chrome, or Edge. Yet it is in Lynx. I've cleared both browser caches and Cloudflare cache.

I like how NSF emailed my provost about my grant's final report being due. As if he's going to write the thing.

Driving in the UK 

They put the steering wheel on the wrong damn side of my rental car.

Started reading a book tonight and got three chapters in. Went on Goodreads to add it to my shelf, turns out I already read it three years ago... oops!

I love the idea of eduroam, but I am almost never able to actually connect to it.

Experimenting with making a list of my writing with just dates, titles, and links. Regardless of source or status. So far have the academic stuff listed. Adding in the blog posts next.

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The financial sustainability of preprint servers has been getting some attention lately. Our thoughts from the perspective of Engineering Archive.

#engineering #sustainability #openaccess

When the department chair has to send an email to the entire department to ask the faculty to "please behave like professionals" during department meetings... 🤨

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"Selecting Appropriate 3D Scanning Technologies for Prosthetic Socket Design and Transtibial Residual Limb Shape Characterisation" - :oeng: #engineering #openengr

Lately we've been mixing our French wine with Orangina. If this isn't already a thing, it should be.

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