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I like Signal in general, but the desktop app is pretty bad. Luckily, setting up my own Matrix server with the Signal bridge has worked out fairly well for giving me a good cross-platform app.

A new work laptop means a whole new opportunity to fork up my Python environment!

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For better or for worse, I've put my entire Machine Component Design course online. All 9.5 hours spread over 55 videos.

How to get senior colleague to stop trying to log in to his personal email by entering his credentials in the department wide Teams chat?

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Are you on #Matrix? Come join the new engrXiv room to chat, ask questions, or just follow along with new preprints.

How certain are my dogs that they need to go out to potty this morning?

My neighbor's kids are currently running around outside playing and sledding.

I wonder when we will have campus virtual meetings that don't involve crying again.

Today one of my older colleagues tried to log in to his email by typing his username and password into the General channel on our department's MS Teams.

My phone keeps complaining about low storage space. I've deleted several apps, moved others to the SD card, and deleted all photos/videos that are backed up. Still something sucks up the available internal space. Really trying to avoid getting a new phone!

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grading, coworkers 

When you grade the final report honestly using the common rubric and your colleague teaching the other section decides to just give everyone perfect scores. 😒

email, MS Outlook question 

Anyone know of an easy way that I can compose and send an email through Outlook without actually having to see my inbox? Bonus if it is from the web interface and not the desktop app.

Key benefit of an online semester: being able to watch my students' final presentations on 1.5 or 2x playback speed. :toot:

scheduling question, WhenIsGood 

Dear users of WhenIsGood: When you fill one of those out, are you filling out the limits of your availability to include the duration of the meeting or the limits of your availability for the meeting start time?

For example, if 3pm is a slot on the poll for a 1 hour meeting and I have a conflict at 3:30, do I select 3pm because my availability goes up until 3p or not because a meeting that starts at 3p wouldn't work?

Citation gaming, Google Scholar link 

In case you are wondering what it looks like when someone decides to engage in citation gaming. :librarian_hushing:

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