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Just heard that the ASEE conference for this Summer is being moved to 100% virtual. Not because of the pandemic, but because the planned convention center is going to be used to house migrant children.

Saw a car driving on the interstate here in Wisconsin with Puerto Rico plates. Don't think I've even seen those before.

I was really impressed with today's seminar speaker in my class and his perspective on the design process.

Being told now that furloughs are likely to continue next year unless Fall enrollment "comes in really strong."

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For sure buying this for use in all future video meetings.

My university seems to be continuing is slide into MS control. Can't really have a local server to host things anymore. Can't really even have my own web pages hosted by the university.

Pretty much all of the tech knowledge is being outsourced to big tech companies.

Really makes me appreciate the stuff I see at places like OERu. Which I think is largely maintained by @lightweight

My department's Teams site has a channel called "Happy News". It is empty.

In case anyone is wondering how our university reorganization is going, the current plan would merge our Mathematics department with our English & Philosophy department. That's sure to go over well.

Meanwhile, my graduate institution still lets me keep my email address and unlimited cloud storage space 8 years after I graduated.

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My campus' CIO decided this week that if our emeriti faculty want to keep access to their email addresses, they have to pay $100 per year.

It's frustrating when you know that you've previously written about a bit of information and cited sources for it and everything, but can't remember when or where and can't find it again.

I like Signal in general, but the desktop app is pretty bad. Luckily, setting up my own Matrix server with the Signal bridge has worked out fairly well for giving me a good cross-platform app.

A new work laptop means a whole new opportunity to fork up my Python environment!

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For better or for worse, I've put my entire Machine Component Design course online. All 9.5 hours spread over 55 videos.

How to get senior colleague to stop trying to log in to his personal email by entering his credentials in the department wide Teams chat?

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Are you on #Matrix? Come join the new engrXiv room to chat, ask questions, or just follow along with new preprints.

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