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Hey cool, my recent journal paper is being featured on the front page of the journal.

While not officially official, my Chancellor is recommending me for promotion to Full Professor!

Speaking of photos, how do people pass photos down to their kids these days? I can't imagine handing down a hard drive or saying, "Don't forget to keep paying for this server!" in my will.

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Migrating my Google Photos to a self-hosted option. 10,000 files done; 40,000 to go.

It's not the prettiest home network setup but it's functional.

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"Work-in-Progress: Polytechnic Perceptions of the Engineering Classroom Experience" - :doi:

Discovered by trying to send a message to my spouse. Luckily my bridged Matrix server was still accessible so I could still send a Signal message through that.

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Discovered that my kid's school blocks access to Signal, Threema, Wire, FB Messenger, Telegram, etc. Interesting.

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"Design of Smart Farm Irrigation Monitoring System Using IoT and LoRA " - :doi:

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We are excited to announce that Engineering Archive has completed its migration to our new home on Public Knowledge Project's Open Preprint Systems with hosting provided by PKP Publishing Services.

#OpenScience #OpenEngineering #preprints #OA

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Job ad: Assistant Professor of Geology 

If you're interested in to motivated undergrads in a small department, has a great geology program.

You are all heartily encouraged to check out the school/department and apply!


Griping about my schedule this week 

I am supposed to use this week to prep my courses before classes before they start next Monday. Queue the the scheduling of full days worth of meetings every day this week.

Academic hiring 

Considering that this exact thing just happened on my campus, this is a little too on the nose for my taste.

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SUPER delighted to announce that we're hiring an Open Science Librarian at New York University Libraries

This is a new position working to build up our science research services, with openness as a core value 🔓

Apply here:

Preference given to applications before March 15th; must be able to work in the US. I'm chairing the search & may be able to answer some of your questions about it!

#academic #library #librarian #openscience #job

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That's not a stool. Leonardo da Vinci had interests that spanned sports, engineering, anatomy and art. Just to go into specifics... What does that all have in common?


Body Mechanics>Sports>Anatomy>Engineering>Drafting>Art

They're interconnected only in the fact that they revolved around one another with a core interest. The productivity sytem, the skills? That's just the bolts holding it all together.

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Netflix show, The Chair 

I finally got around to watching The Chair. Are there actually universities with classrooms and offices that look like that? I've never seen wood work like that in an office let alone a classroom.

In my experience it is always cinder block buildings and crappy IKEA style furniture.

Reading summary for 2021 

I managed 63 books completed in 2021. It's been a good year for reading!

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