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Mastodon/fedi server recs (because :birdsite: literally blocked me from posting it lol)


Lefty/social justice-oriented:,,,





Geographical: (NZ), (Twin Cities, MN), (Montréal, Punklandia)

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PLEASE SHARE! I am soliciting stories about working in #HigherEd under austerity. Read more and contribute:

I've found myself on one of the more challenging committees I've ever been on. We're tasked with redefining the "instructional workload" policy for all of campus.

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Has anybody used for submitting or reviewing conference proceedings before? Not sure if it is new, but I’m using it for the first time and in a space that is full of terrible software, it is somehow the worst.

corrupted jpeg help request 

Suppose I have a bunch of jpegs on a flash drive that are looking like this. Is it possible to uncorrupt them somehow?

Russian invasion mention 

Really not a good time for my work laptop to be an HP ZBook. Now I walk around carrying a laptop with a large 'Z' on the lid.

Web archive link, research 

Hey cool, my recent journal paper is being featured on the front page of the journal.

While not officially official, my Chancellor is recommending me for promotion to Full Professor!

Speaking of photos, how do people pass photos down to their kids these days? I can't imagine handing down a hard drive or saying, "Don't forget to keep paying for this server!" in my will.

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Migrating my Google Photos to a self-hosted option. 10,000 files done; 40,000 to go.

It's not the prettiest home network setup but it's functional.

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"Work-in-Progress: Polytechnic Perceptions of the Engineering Classroom Experience" - :doi:

Discovered by trying to send a message to my spouse. Luckily my bridged Matrix server was still accessible so I could still send a Signal message through that.

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Discovered that my kid's school blocks access to Signal, Threema, Wire, FB Messenger, Telegram, etc. Interesting.

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