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Trying to pick out clothes to wear to my dad's funeral has me feeling like a kid playing "dress like an adult."

COVID vaccination rate among students on my campus 

As of Friday, the student vaccination rate on my campus is 58%. That's not good enough

We are really doing students a disservice by teaching them on Chromebooks in primary/secondary school. For many, their only other computing experience is their cell phones.

As a result, my first-year students don't know how to install software from the internet.

A journal using Manuscript Central is unsuccessfully processing my LaTeX files with TexLive 2013 and then tries to tell me that my files are the problem.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they are using a tex distribution that is 8 years out-of-date!

My 8yo has been talking with a random accent that I couldn't place for the last few days. Just realized that she sounds exactly like Catherine O'Hara in Schitt's Creek. (she's never seen the show)

gardening, food 

Between our CSA and our backyard garden, we are quickly becoming overrun with tomatoes.

campus COVID policies 

My campus finally announced our COVID policies for the Fall.

Masks required 😁
Vaccination "encouraged" 🥺

FB screenshot, local student oddities 

A student who walks around campus wearing a home made knight outfit is donating his prototype gloves to the county's history museum. They appear to be gardening gloves with some tap lights glued to them.

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Why is my daughter crying tonight?

Because the mammoths are extinct and she didn't get to meet them.

COVID, small/local politics 

I made the mistake of watching some of the local school board meeting where they are planning to vote on a mask mandate. Now I need the hot needles.

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We are so excited to have TU Delft OPEN join the Engineering Archive Membership Circle, lending their support to open scholarship in #engineering!

#OpenEngineering #openscience


Our local school district sent a survey to students, staff, and parents asking for input on a district wide mask requirement. 70% chose optional masking! We are so screwed.

My process for selecting a journal for a paper these days centers primarily around which one will require jumping through the fewest formatting hoops.

politics, COVID, newspaper link 

The WI legislature is making moves to prevent all University of Wisconsin campuses from requiring vaccines, COVID testing, or masks. This state really sucks.

For anyone in the Minnesota or Western Wisconsin area, the National Weather Service-Twin Cities updates are cross-posted to @nwstwincities via . request to whitelist @nwstwincities Thanks!

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