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Did you know that #aviation does not pay any tax on the fuel they use? It's totally unfair and damaging the #climate.

If you are an European Citizen sign this to change it!

"If your phone is so much more powerful than the computers that put humanity on the moon, then why are you just staring at Instagram all day?"

The psychiatric diagnostic system is dismissed as contradictory, clinically unusable and "scientifically meaningless". Nothing new here...

Next stop: the original article.

Tired psychologist @ work and Facebook? 

Dear everyone who is considering making a video of yourself talking rather than just writing the *exact same words* into a text file, a blog post or a PDF:

Unless you're specifically targeting people who literally cannot read...

Please don't.

Sincerely, A Person Who Doesn't Have Literal Free Hours To Hear You Slooooowly Say Something It Would Take Me Five Seconds To Read And Also I Can Ctrl-F It

Psychologist @ Work 

Psychologist @ Work 

NEO Personality Inventory 

NEO Personality Inventory 

Markdown table editor 

Ask for help, even if it's with something small, when you need it.

Psychologist @ Work 

Furniture quest: Looking for a corner desk 

A colleague of mine, a man with shaved head, huge beard and tattoos, gave me a big, warm, long hug today to comfort me. I let go after the masculine two second limit, but he held on, so I did too.

I must admit I was a bit surprised. But it felt good.

What of someone invented a machine that allowed women to transfer their pregnancies to men and then the government passed a law that if a woman didn't want to have a baby the biological father was required to carry it how fast do you think birth control would stop being an issue?

"NO FUCKING SHIT" women reply.

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