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Refused another position that I was very much hoping for. And the other employer that have offered me a position – which involves weekly commuting – is stalling the process, which makes me doubt that they're taking things seriously.

Rather disappointed now.

Tomorrow, I will find out if I get a job I have applied for.

I will probably not get much sleep tonight.

I know an employer is considering hiring me. They have said they would call my reference persons, but they haven't done that yet.

Is it OK to give them a call and ask how things are going? Would that show interest or impatience and desperation?

Everyone in #Umeå talk about this magical place at the Baltic Sea called Kont. I've lived here for 20 years. Today was the first time I visited the place; @Linuxtjej and I had a simple picnic dinner there.

It was nice, sure, but pretty underwhelming given all the talk. It reminded me of the western Sweden archipelago, only smaller, more pines and the sun in the wrong direction.

I didn't even use my camera much.


@bookwyrm How can I add a book as an edition of another work? For example, is the Swedish translation of Sapkowski's The Witcher #4.

We made a trip to Bäcksjön near Umeå. We had lunch by the lakeside. A gentle breeze prompted av improviserad solution to be able to play Uno.


Then they said I could do 40% distance work, despite the fact that I had clearly stated, in my application, that my conditions were at least 60% distance work. Then they went completely silent, as if that was unexpected.

This was a complete joke of a job interview. I felt as I was part of a group assignment on an introductory personnel management course.

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I just had the most amateurish job interview I've ever experienced. They started by insulting me. Then they kept on talking about how great the workplace is, despite the fact that it was reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority because of severe work environment problems. Then they asked what I do in my spare time. No question about my profession as a psychologist.

@bookwyrm How long does an import of 30 books take? I have waited 10 minutes by now...

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