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It is difficult to fight against anger, for whatever it wants it buys at the price of the soul.

- Heraclitus

For the waking there is one common world, but when asleep each person turns away to a private one.

- Heraclitus

What we see when awake is death, what we see asleep is sleep.

- Heraclitus

My essay for the course on philosophy of mind I attended last fall semester is a futile attempt to take on the blatant naturalism that dominates North American philosophy of mind.

That text would need to be much longer to do the work I want it to do. But others have already done that, among them Dan Zahavi that I quote extensively.

Anyway, it was fun doing some academic writing for the first time in years.

That eerie feeling when you come home, your headset announces that "phone two connected", and there is no other phone in your home.

What is the difference between 'inquiry' and 'enquiry' -- apart from the spelling?

Should I re-watch The Expanse or The Witcher? Or should I watch something new? In that case, what?

Our adventure took an unexpected turn when we encountered a secret circle of gay wizards.

Watching Dirk Gently for the third time. First episode so far. That series is absolutely brilliant!

(Unfortunately, I can't use that particular photo because I have to be able to crop it to a banner-like format.)

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Photo request : people at work 

I'm looking for a background for my business home page. I mainly do work psychology. I want to illustrate people doing things at work while obviously communicating, like the beautiful photo below by @Linuxtjej.

If you have photos that you think would suit my needs and are willing to share, please do! As I haven't started up my business yet, I cannot afford to buy stock photos, but you will of course be credited.

Watched Midnight Sky on Netflix. It was so underwhelming... until the end where everything made sense. Nicely done.

#Umeå, bron mellan Teg och Bölesholmarna.

Taget med #Fairphone #FP3, Google Pixels kamera-app, efterbearbetning i #DigiKam.

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