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Just got an invitation from #MeWe from a friend. Some kind of #Facebook contender promising "no ads, no spyware, no BS". Never heard of them before. Who are they? Do they have any users?

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Good morning from , . We're having a heat wave with only -3 °C today…

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My gripe with people flinging around the word "fascist" these days, meaning "nasty people I don't like" is that they are diluting the term, which is actually quite specific in political economics. They're making it hard to differentiate, for example, classic conservatives from fascists, or free market fundamentalists from fascists. They're entirely different groups with entirely different political and economic philosophies.

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I need a new phone. My last phone was a #Nexus6P, but it died the infamous boot-loop death recently.

I need a budget #Android phone, not a state-of-the-art phone like the over-priced Nexus I had. Any advice welcome!

I bought my kids #MotoG5 a couple of years ago. Best phone ever for the money! Is the successor #MotoG7 something to consider?

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