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I hereby name best film of the year, so far

It is the first film I've seen this year, but it is good. Strangely enough, it makes me think of the ethics of Emmanuel Levinas.


Humanity's children are coming home... today! An iconic series opener for an iconic series! 15 years ago today, the miniseries started airing in the US, resulting in a series of iconic preportions!



“you can’t summarize the entire prequel trilogy with just one line”


Thank you Microsoft. You just made me want to visit New Hampshire and trek along Swift River in Autumn.

Just came home after cycling through rain. In January. In .

Something is wrong.

On top of this, it seems temperatures will go below 0°C, meaning that all of Umeå will be covered by ice tomorrow morning.

Bike will be hazardous. Buses will drive off road. I might have to walk to work tomorrow.

It's also nice that all the conclusions in the paper are wrong because they start with a mistaken premise that content warnings mean that a post is "inappropriate".

I didn't buy my until late afternoon, but now I'm waiting for the first cup of the day...

They say DON'T PANIC but I'M OUT OF and the local grocery store is closed!

Book recommendations? 

It's about kindness
though sometimes
we forget
and need to be reminded
by the child, listening
to our words, perhaps
more carefully than
we say them



You are here.

800,000 years of global atmospheric CO2.
We're starting 2020 at 413 ppm, up almost 50% from the 1800s.
This is the .


Job searching woes 

Greta Thunberg as climate science advocate? 


A Car in Australia Whose Aluminum Rims Have Melted; looks like something from an apocalypse movie. Only it's real.



Saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I'm not sure if it made me hungry or if I never want to eat again

All in all, a great film. I'll never watch it ever again in my life


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