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Young men think old men are fools; but old men know young men are fools.

Tried first episode of sci-fi series Another Life on Netflix.

Won't try the second.

Departing , heading for , leaving my beloved Becca behind. At the train station, we behaved like two teenagers having their first awkward date. is such a strange thing, turning middle aged people into blabbering fools. ❤️

Watched Beverly Hills Cop (1984) with my kids and @Linuxtjej. It's so much my childhood. The clothes. The music. The giant CRT monitors. We grown up laughed, the children not so much.

Fog selfie 

Sleeping in the kitchen. The cat laps up his food in such a sloppy way I'm feeling sick from the sound of it.

Turning the map upside down in Google Maps and browse the world is actually quite fun.

Back at work. I just want to go home and sleep again. Didn't sleep anything last night.

Me on the Piccadilly Line, between Heathrow and King's Cross. Getting through Heathrow was a pain. Border control queueing for ages. Baggage lost and found. Photo by
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