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Planning and organization 

I've always had severe difficulties with jobs where there are a lots of things to do, things always happen, and prioritizing and re-prioritizing is essential.

I've tried to start the day by looking through the long list of ongoing issues and pending tasks and deciding what needs to be done.

Today I added everything in my Outlook calendar in 30 minute-blocks and for the first time I actually had a sense of control.

I'll think I'll stick to that.

Beautiful autumn day today. Tvärån ("Crosswise Creek") is flooding after the rainfall the last few days.

#Fairphone #FP3 #NGCam #autumn #nature

Third week at work soon done. Time to fetch manuals for WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, SON-R, CAS, Raven's SPM and NEPSY-II. Next week in Umeå will be spent learning the psychological tests we use.

Tired and headache. End-of-work-week-syndrome, I suspect.

I have used Toggl and Gleeo before, but both are project-oriented time trackers where you have to define separate projects for each client. I don't want that. I just want activities and clients in a matrix.

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I'm looking for a task-oriented rather than project-oriented time tracker. I have some recurring activities (different kinds of meetings mostly) with different schools ("clients") and I would like to track time so I can easliy see how much time I spend on certain activities and certain clients (two-dimensional tracking).

Any suggestions?

I have made my first week at my new job as school psychologist and my feeling is that I've found my home. Everything just falls into place. I have excellent colleagues. Academic achievements are respected and valued.

Maybe I can do this until retirement.

What's the difference between metacognition and reflexivity? Is there a difference?

First day at work yesterday. Met my new boss first thing in the morning. He talked enthusiastically about a lot of things, some work, some music, some random stuff.

But we forgot to sign a contract...

Is anything written on the phenomenology of anxiety?

For all I know, I'll come to a healthy work environment with a boss that recognizes my dual competencies: both licensed psychologist and (strange thing that employers in Sweden usually doesn't appreciate that).

I'll stay with my aunt (who actually worked there before she retired) and I'll be close to my parents who are becoming old and frail.

I'm really looking forward to this.

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