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I have actually managed to put together an application for a position as a (tenured) lecturer at Södertörn University.

I most probably won't get the job, but if you apply, the probability will at least be slightly above nought.

I love this game! I love Grisban the Thirsty! I just ran round the corner and smashed two barghests in a row, concluding the battle to everyone's astonishment.

Liam the Cat meows when he hears Jan Garbarek's soprano saxophone.

Not sure if Liam or Garbarek should be pleased or offended...

Woke up to this beautiful music.

Gothic, Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling.

But to be honest, bringing Ahsoka back in season four was a mistake. The end of season two was such a brilliant way to end a beloved character in the universe.

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I've been binge-watching season two with my kids over the last few days. It's such a huge leap forward from season one. And the finale is a true masterpiece. Filoni got that right, for sure.

Made the mistake of installing the Twitter app. Now nauseous. So much hatred.

Watched Aliens (1986) with @Linuxtjej. That one has actually aged better than Alien (1979) although both must be considered true classics.

I certainly loved both movies in my teens. That's a long time ago now...

Vainly waiting for a client.

Sometimes you need patience with patients.

The life as a ...

Applying for my own job... the temporary position is finally announced as a permanent position.

My boss told me to apply for it, so I guess I'd better do that...

The Expanse screen casting 

I'm sorry, but The Expanse zero G screen casting sucks. Everyone moves as usual, with hands in their pockets and everything, and they just add some magnetic boots clicks with every step.

Kubrick did that better half a century ago.

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