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Just met and said goodbye to one of my clients that I guess I have helped the most of all people I have met at the Swedish Public Employment Services. Feel very sad and empty.

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The worst thing about not being on Facebook anymore is that I can't post to my Facebook friends explaining why they shouldn't be on Facebook anymore.

- Hanna Meretoja
- Sebastian Luft
- Shaun Gallagher
- Sara Heinämaa

Top ten writers who has influenced me a lot. No priority.

- Hans Skjervheim
- Zygmunt Bauman
- Sandra Bartky
- Linda Alcoff
- Janis Bohan
- Alasdair MacIntyre
- Dan Zahavi
- Daniel N. Robinson
- Jerome Bruner
- Kurt Danziger

Was that ten names? I need a longer list… and I might change my mind anytime.

Heading for a job interview and is nervous as h***. I have no problems standing before an audience but I have always hated job interviews.

At University, have a meeting with a guidance-counseler soon, and came across this awesome sign outside a teachers room (a philosopher-professor, of course).

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I’m pretty sure that the university looks better early winter mornings than any other time of the year

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