Looking for a job 

It seems I'll be out of job in January, so I ask you for suggestions.

I'm a PhD in and licensed . I do work psychology, psychological assessment and narrative . I mainly teach critical social psychology, personality psychology, organisational psychology, research methods, statistics, psychometrics, discourse psychology, , and history of psychology. And I use :rstats:.

I'm bound to Umeå, Sweden at least half time.

@drbjork When was the last time you had any real time off?
@drbjork Jesus! And I thought that I was a workaholic. SRSLY, Man, you need to take an extended vacation. ;-)

@pennyfortheguy I'm not a workaholic, my life has been in turmoil over the last few years. Would really love a long vacation, but I haven't had the luxury of having one.

@drbjork Honesty ...  I think that you and I are going to get along just fine. ;-)
@drbjork Vacation .. I wish. My whole entire life is about to go into stellar overdrive with #Anonymous #OpSafeWinter  Let me get through the next 4 months, and then I will give you a definitive answer on the vacation status, OK
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