Q: Online file storage/sync? 

I have just assumed that was the given replacement for , but it isn't.

What I need is a cross-platform sync service with online HTTP sharing, like Dropbox, but perhaps even with WebDAV access or other methods of remotely accessing files.

I have used Dropbox for ages, but it has become pricey of late.

Any suggestions?

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Q: Online file storage/sync? 


I've just moved over to #Tresorit. It isn't the cheapest, but offers excellent security. Also, its interface appeals to me too.

Q: Online file storage/sync? 

@drbjork I just moved to . Like @galambborong said about Tresorit, not the cheapest, but excellent security.

Q: Online file storage/sync? 

@naga @galambborong Many recommends, but they do not have a Linux client.

Q: Online file storage/sync? 

@drbjork it sounds like you're describing , how does it come up short? I found the install and config quite challenging, but it does everything you're asking for I think

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