@drbjork Interesting that they changed the gender for the only one who is not an actual expert.

@alsternerd @Juju Good question. I feel embarrassed not noticing that. Thank you for opening my eyes.

@Juju @drbjork Yeah, that would have been so much better with the exact same face as the media expert 🙃

@mike @Juju Bring out your favourite image manipulation software!

@drbjork @mike #art
Not perfect because the representation still sucks but at least it's goddamn Dave on Facebook

@drbjork ah yes, the 1980s: back when everyone only read reseach papers and gossip didn't exist yet 🧐.

@drbjork Interesting to see that your plot twist is the only woman on the image, as a sign of incompetence, maybe?

@k It's not interesting, it's implicitly degrading. I'm ashamed I didn't pay attention to that before I posted it on Mastodon.

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