Should I re-watch The Expanse or The Witcher? Or should I watch something new? In that case, what?

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@drbjork I would rewatch the Witcher over the Expanse, if it would only be the second viewing, because of the time structure in the former.

@naga I would be rewatching both for the third time... 😜

@drbjork ah, there's always too much new stuff I want to watch for me to do that!

@naga I'm terrible at finding new stuff... any suggestions?

@drbjork Good SF and secondary-world fantasy is relatively hard to find, if you want to focus there, but there are a few. The Expanse is the best of its type. But Battlestar Galactica (2004) is very good. The 100 faltered in its last season or two, but was surprisingly good if you pretend to believe the "science." I like Raised by Wolves so far. Dark is quite good but needs CWs. The Leftovers is brilliant.

@naga Thanks! Battlestar Galactica is one of my favourites, and I think I have seen the entire series three times now. Have to watch it again with @Linuxtjej and my youngest kid. 😉 I'll look into the others too!

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