I just had the most amateurish job interview I've ever experienced. They started by insulting me. Then they kept on talking about how great the workplace is, despite the fact that it was reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority because of severe work environment problems. Then they asked what I do in my spare time. No question about my profession as a psychologist.


Then they said I could do 40% distance work, despite the fact that I had clearly stated, in my application, that my conditions were at least 60% distance work. Then they went completely silent, as if that was unexpected.

This was a complete joke of a job interview. I felt as I was part of a group assignment on an introductory personnel management course.

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I sent them an email and retracted my application.

@drbjork Most interesting for me is if they send you a response a la "we regret to inform you" that you aren't hired. I always ask myself why they regret? If they are not happy with the top candidate, why they hire them then? Anyway, good luck!

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