I know an employer is considering hiring me. They have said they would call my reference persons, but they haven't done that yet.

Is it OK to give them a call and ask how things are going? Would that show interest or impatience and desperation?

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@meena Two weeks. Got an email last Friday saying "I'll do that next week".

@drbjork i'd write them an email tomorrow asking how long this gonna take, cuz you have other people who are interested in hiring you

@meena @drbjork
yeah, I'd write the mail - politely, asking about the timetable and reminding them about how much you want to work with their organization.
and you could hint that you're in other job shortlists so you'd like to know their decision timetable - because they're your preferred choice.

@ckohtala @meena @the_passivist I sent them an email yesterday saying that a time plan would be good since I have other job opportunities waiting. Things happened fast after that. I got reports from two of my references that they had been interviewed and an email asking if waiting for feedback until Monday would be ok. 😜

@drbjork I think 2-4 weeks is a reasonable time to ask for feedback. But I would call and not write an email, on the phone you get more informal feedback that you wouldn't normally write.

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