I'm looking for a task-oriented rather than project-oriented time tracker. I have some recurring activities (different kinds of meetings mostly) with different schools ("clients") and I would like to track time so I can easliy see how much time I spend on certain activities and certain clients (two-dimensional tracking).

Any suggestions?

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I have used Toggl and Gleeo before, but both are project-oriented time trackers where you have to define separate projects for each client. I don't want that. I just want activities and clients in a matrix.

@drbjork A CLI tool called taskwarrior fits, and has optional web interface. I used it for a while but moved to the Decks app on my selfhosted nextcloud instance. Mostly because of the android app and much easier syncing between devices since it's hosted online.

@stemid I want an Android app and preferrably a web interface. Decks is overkill.

@drbjork Decks has both Android app and web interface but it does require a nextcloud hosted somewhere. To ask for an app and a web interface without hosting some sort of backend seems like a tall order imho. You could probably find Android apps with support for WebDAV and S3 cloud backends but the web interface part requires some sort of infrastructure somewhere since you can also connect to it from an app.

@drbjork If you want to go down this beautiful rabbit hole, I'd recommend Emacs + Orgmode:

@drbjork taskboard is a CLI-based. Tiddlywiki could do that.

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