Standard procedure for kids that can't deal with school: referral to child psychiatry, neuropsychiatric assessment, neuropsychiatric diagnosis and medication.

Procedures almost never seen: (1) an attempt to understand the kid and adapt the environment to make things work, (2) holistic perspective involving the kid's entire world, not only school.

This is what looks like.

@drbjork 2 is so big, and gets forgotten a lot. So often the help if there focuses just on the classroom, but behavior in school and approaches are so often impacted by what is happening outside of school.

@drbjork Slik blir skuleproblema til ein feil med individet i staden for ein feil med systemet.

@eivind Precis. Det är innebörden av medikalisering: ett problem som egentligen inte är medicinskt behandlas ändå som ett medicinskt problem.


@drbjork We treat school like so many other things: as if it has always existed, in the same form, and is a natural part of life such that anyone who doesn't mesh with it is broken.

It's not a child's fault when they don't fit into the arbitrary strictures that others have created for them, without even knowing them.

@drbjork To be fair, the right medication can be very helpful, but yes the school system is not well set up to handle such situations (or at least it wasn't in the 90s when I was going through it).

@me I'm not against medication. I'm against the habitual thinking that when and individual doesn't function in certain circumstances, something is wrong with the individual.

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