Photo request : people at work 

I'm looking for a background for my business home page. I mainly do work psychology. I want to illustrate people doing things at work while obviously communicating, like the beautiful photo below by @Linuxtjej.

If you have photos that you think would suit my needs and are willing to share, please do! As I haven't started up my business yet, I cannot afford to buy stock photos, but you will of course be credited.

I don't need a Christmas tree. My neighbours have already taken care of that.

I love this game! I love Grisban the Thirsty! I just ran round the corner and smashed two barghests in a row, concluding the battle to everyone's astonishment.

Roaming around my apartment looking for my ID and keys, only to find them on myself.

The life as a .

Scoring NEO-PI-3 by hand. 25 rows and 8 columns and calculating sums for each row by hand.

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