This is me in 1982. I'm 9 years old and finish 3:rd grade. That's my teacher to the left. I liked her.

Didn't expect this, but Immanuel Kant is an interesting and easy read. Much easier than all those writing *about* Kant.

Maybe it's my familiarity with Husserl that makes Kant so appealing to me. Although Husserl criticized Kant, I understand there was a spiritual kinship of some kind.

@frustratedantiquarian They might be excused since English isn't their first language. But still...

The lecturer pronounces names of ancient greek philosophers correctly, but "ideas" as "aye-dee-ass".

I feel you, David Hume.

Materialism is a form of idealism. It is the unfounded assumption that there is something mind-independent beyond our perceptions.

George Berkeley is brilliant. Obscure, but brilliant.

Threw together an application for a position as lecturer in Örebro this morning. Another position I won't be offered, but at least I applied!

@mplouffe But Plato wouldn't have survived long in the age of social media and Twitter scapegoating, I can tell you that...

@mplouffe That's a shame, since Plato in other respects is absolutely brilliant and lives up to his reputation.

@mplouffe Figuratively, he seems to have believed that. And being one of the few who had been outside the cave and seen the sun and the true world. So we ordinary people are perhaps too dumb to see the benefit of a censored totalitarian state with a brain-washed population fed lies from birth.

Listening to Plato's Republic as audiobook, and by golly, what a dull, boring and terrible place this ideal republic is! Plato really seem to have issues with just about everything that makes life worth living.

@migueltorrescosta I'm considering a university programme to become a teacher of psychology. It's 3 semesters, a year and a half. And you can survive on a special benefit during that period (government subventions because the shortage of qualified teachers). In that case, I'd be a qualified teacher by the beginning of 2023.

I'm starting to think I actually want to be a teacher and not a psychologist.

When Plato wrote The Republic, had he studied ant colonies?

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