Fists of Fury

I use hands
To help my fellow man
I use hands
To do just what I can
And when I face with unjust injury
Then I change my hands
To fists of fury

Our time as victims is over
We will no longer ask for justice
Instead we will take our retribution

- Kamasi Washington

@ansugeisler I disagree that Sweden do it the Trump or Bolsonaro way. Or the eugenic way. We do it differently. Time will tell how good or bad every strategy was. I do not know.

@leth Nejdå, vi är överens. Det är tyskarna som skakar på huvudet åt oss svenskar. Kanske har de rätt, jag vet inte. Vi får se med tiden.

@ansugeisler I have no idea what your point is or what you want to achieve in this discussion. There are debate in Sweden too. Far from everyone agree with the path taken by the authorities. Oh, yes, Anders Tegnell receives death threats too. We're not that compliant you might think.


@ansugeisler @leth The fact is that Sweden did different from its neighbours. I do not know if what Sweden did was right or wrong. I lack the knowledge for such a judgement. I neither defend nor criticise our strategy. I do, however, object to the accusation of eugenics and deliberately letting a part of the population die. I do not agree with your assessment here.

@leth @ansugeisler Mortality rates must also be calculated against how widespread the infection is, not the entire population. However, the jury is still out on that one. Numbers in Sweden are contradictory.

@ansugeisler The strategy in Sweden has been precisely to slow down the rate of infection, nothing else. @leth

coronavirus, sweden, eugenics 

@ansugeisler I do not defend the actions of the Swedish government.

I do, however, find the accusation that the motivation behind those actions is part of an eugenic cleansing of the population quite absurd.

coronavirus, sweden, eugenics 

@ansugeisler People were sterilized for being poor? I think I'd like a source on that. We sterilized people with intellectual disabilities, but poor people?

Elderly care is not a government responsibility in Sweden, but a municipal one.

I would argue that lack of motivation rather than motivation is the problem. A blind trust in the Weberian bureaucracy: I do my part only and the bureaucrazy ensures the rest is taken care of.

We Swedes are bureaucratic, not evil.

Academic job search stress (-) 

@bgcarlisle I know that feeling. I lost the race, now being on the outside looking in.

The academic world is a harsh one.

coronavirus, sweden, eugenics 

@ansugeisler Eugenics? That's a somewhat drastic interpretation of current events, don't you think?

I once had this great little app in #Xfce that locked the screen and forced me to take a pause after a specified period of work. I don't remember its name, but I wonder if there is something similar for #Ubuntu #Gnome session?

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