transitioning at work 

I contacted the Diversity person in our uni's HR dept to ask if there's any support/policies/precedents for people coming out as trans.

Long story short: no. I'd be the first ever, and I'd have to handle it directly with my Head of Department.

This essentially means I'd be taking the full responsibility upon myself, and they've recently committed themselves to Free Speech as a key value, and mention Diversity but only gender equality as a goal.


Living and working in two different countries has its perks: the exchange rate really helps me afford a better life.

I pay for that around this time of the year when I need to declare taxes twice and the offices consider me an edge case.

This message brought to you by my second day on the phone trying to figure out what to declare to whom so I don't have to double-pay taxes.

research woes 

The classic bioinformatics pipeline:

step 1: be excited about new normalization method that could help with bad dataset

step 2: spent 2 weeks implementing it

step 3: realize that it outputs suspicious results and discard it


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My favorite thing about synthetic biology is that every time someone is like "We finally understand enough about [any biological machinery] to build one from scratch" and they try to do it, they're wrong and they get a result that makes absolutely no sense with what they were expecting.

I use computers daily but the one I actually own is over 10 years old now. It's a weird feeling realizing that I depend on borrowed university equipment for my basic needs.
In unrelated news, I might buy myself an actual computer "soon".

Doing some reading about this journal which wants me on their Topics Board and..

I'm a senior post-doc based in 🇸🇪

My main expertise is and computational biology, but my passion is and I dabble in philosophy of science.

I code in R and have been meaning to learn for too long 😅
I've started teaching recently and I am loving it

In my free time I cook fancy meals, play too many videogames and think about science fiction.

This is my professional alt, but fellow queers are welcome to ask for my personal one.

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