I'm a senior post-doc based in 🇸🇪

My main expertise is and computational biology, but my passion is and I dabble in philosophy of science.

I code in R and have been meaning to learn for too long 😅
I've started teaching recently and I am loving it

In my free time I cook fancy meals, play too many videogames and think about science fiction.

This is my professional alt, but fellow queers are welcome to ask for my personal one.

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@drdrago Welcome! So you had your first teaching experience under digital / pandemic conditions?

@ManuelBiertz Yep!
I started teaching in April 2020 with a couple of lectures my PI is sharing and will be covering the beginning of class next month.

It's a bioinformatics class so remote practicals work pretty well.

@drdrago That's an advantage, for sure! Does your institution provide you with guidance on digital teaching?

@ManuelBiertz I'm happy to leave that side of the job to the PI, but I suspect that the guidance is small to non-existant.

We have a canvas platform but the rest is all in our hands, which thankfully means a lot of freedom on format.

We ended up using a combination of zoom calls and wiki-style canvas pages with the slides and recordings of the lectures. We also have one assistant in each lecture whose task is to answer the chat in real time.

@drdrago We are using BBB / Zoom for the calls and have a learning platform called stud.IP which allows for some interactive elements (wiki, tests, and so on), but that's it.

@Cyborgneticz I teach a few lectures in a Bioinformatics course. It's a mix of R, UNIX terminal, browser tools and how to do some basic statistics on gene expression data and other high-throughput assays.

@Cyborgneticz It's very rewarding. I feel lucky I got involved in a course that had been running for about a decade: it's very polished so I only have to teach

@drdrago That is very nice! Coming up with a class from the ground up is really daunting especially with everything else

@drdrago Welcome! Always happy to meet other computational biologists

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