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Hi everyone!
I am a linguist and grad student in computational linguistics. My main focus is on phonetics and I plan on learning more about TTS and ASR. I also work on corpus analysis / text analysis from time to time. I am also a big Emacs user.

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It's two weeks until the release date of Lubuntu 18.10! Next week we will get release candidate images.

What do you plan to #dowithlubuntu?

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First day linear algebra 

I had my first dose of math since Idontknowwhen (probably 6 years) and it went pretty smoothly until the last exercise unfortunately.
I feel though that learning the basics of coding and e packages like matplotlib gives a new perspective on math stuff.

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Hi! I’m a linguist at the University of Iceland working on the online processing of compounds, agreement with nominative objects, long-distance reflexives, and prosody, all in Icelandic.
I’m interested in maths and computational models, programming, and building things. Open code and science are the best of things.

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The birth of #Linux :tux:
27 years ago.

On August 25 1991 Linus Torvalds wrote to comp.os.minix:

"I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and
professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones."

"won't be big" he said. 😃

Happy birthday, Linux, and congratulations to Mr. Torvalds.!msg/

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Fediverse as of 2018-08-24.

7 788 instances with 1 303 382 connections.

Let's look at the different clusters. They aren't clearly separated, but still visible.

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Aside from which-key and rainbowdelimiters which general packages (no language specific ones) could be useful for Emacs beginners?

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I'm a PhD candidate in at Latrobe Uni. Doing an acoustic analysis of fricatives, affricates, and lexical tone in Lisu and Lipo. Or trying to, at least.

Areas of interest include (mostly acoustic analysis, but I'd love to branch out into articulatory or perceptual studies as well), , , , , and .

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productivity cycles 

For me at least, there are two modes of writing/coding:

- learning a lot of new stuff and trying it all out on a poor little piece of old work until it looks like Frankenstein

- not learning anything new at all, but just spitting out more and more vaguely new stuff for the sake of quantity

I know these two phases have to be balanced, but also tend to stuck in the former one, and the latter gives me depression, regardless of all the benefits (e.g. a thicker "portfolio").

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I am a data scientist at the Johns Hopkins University. I work in a lot of different spaces, so I try not to narrow it down too much. You can learn more about me at

To fellow computational linguists:

In this python example on text classification paragraph 1.3 of
The nested for loop that produces the list **documents** actually causes the dataset to be to the second power.
By then shuffling the dataset and dividing into training and testing set won't there be bias since some reviews will be in both sets? Or am I missing something?

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I'm a computational biologist (1st biochemist, then computer scientist), Prof. of Cell Biology at UConn Health. I'm interested in many different areas such as iron physiol., central metabolism, ox. stress, dyamics, software development. I'm one of the authors of the COPASI simulation software and its predecessor (Gepasi, thus my handle). Care strongly about & . Also interested in photography, Linux.

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Hey cool! I could have really used this two years ago in Phonetics class! Praat's scripting language is a very different ball of wax.

Software: A Python Interface for Praat: Parselmouth

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Remember, a man without a pinky may have a past with the #yakuza... or be a really experienced #emacs user.

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A daily toot every time the blog at updates!

For a curated tour of older blog posts:

For my upcoming book in defense of internet language:

For linguistics in monthly audio chats, listen to me on Lingthusiasm, a podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics!

[#linguistics bot account, talk to @gretchenmcc for replies] #introductions

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Hi all! I am a Ph.D. candidate working with geophysical turbulence, shallow water equations and fluid mechanics in general. I am also a big FOSS enthusiast and I actively participate in a couple of Python related projects: , , to name a few.

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Your feed URL is [instance]/users/[username].rss or .atom, for example I have

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Hi! I'm Esther Seyffarth, PhD student in computational linguistics. I work at the syntax-semantics interface, currently attempting to solve verbs.

Follow if you're interested in toots about language, linguistics, programming, computers, my way through academia, etc.

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