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Hi everyone! I'm an upper-year PhD doing practice-led research in music composition in the UK. I use quiet sound (among other things) to draw out experiences of entanglement in intermingled milieux.

I'm here mainly to talk about academic stuff to people in / adjacent to academia because I feel self-conscious / humble-brag-y doing it on my main (anyone else get that?).

They say Canadians are apologetic, but I don't know if I've been on a TransPennine Express where the operator hasn't apologized for something at every stop

Marginalia in the margins!? 🤯

(Context: my newest notebook does not have the vertical red margin line so now I will have to consciously leave space for it)

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People who do longer writing in notebooks: do you leave room for notes / marginalia? Where?

:boost_requested: 📒

Autocorrect typo of the morning:

beast of luck

This post brought to you by my instinctively reminding myself to "feed that greedy green owl" before going to my late-ish event tonight

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Animal caretaking games in my life:

- tamagotchi
- neopets
- pokemon
- duolingo

Wow can you believe it's July already?

@lauraritchie will be presenting 'Music, cymatics, and creating a multi-sensory performance' for in about 20 minutes. More info & sign up link here:

If you manage a call for anything, please ensure the form questions don't duplicate or rephrase each other. It adds a lot of time & head games for applicants.

Thinking about taking notes with a text rather than on a text. Reading a text without taking notes is fast but I forget a lot. Reading while taking notes on the text is a slow grind of synthesizing, transcribing quotes, etc. to generate a reference document. Reading without the pressure of creating that mnemonic is quicker, freer, and allows for more creative thought around the text (which is usually the point anyway) while still creating a mnemonic for the text's structure.

Just throwing it out to the void that text-to-speech tools like nerd-dictation would be great for improvisational speakers who want to supply after-the-fact transcripts of their presentation.

Conference season & disappointing timing 

Conference season is here. I'm realizing I didn't apply to anything, partly because I missed many of the calls, partly because I was on the other side of the ocean when the calls would have gone out and unsure when I would be coming back.

I hope to be done by next conference season. I could still apply, but I'll be back home so I'll miss out on sharing my work this side of the Atlantic -- which was part of the point of coming out here in the first place.

Leftover conference sandwiches, a healthy part of tomorrow's complete breakfast

20th century philosophy class pet: Millie the Plateauxpus

Going to need to book a day to spend some time with my backlog of open browser tabs.

Hey Costa, if I'd wanted burnt coffee, I'd've gone across the road to cafe Nero

The thing is done, and it's only... oh, it's 5pm.

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No energy or enthusiasm to do the thing today. Unfortunately, the thing is also due today.

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